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Corporates offer Transper in their deep tier supply chain

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Partner banks finance payables on Transper

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Suppliers and extended supply chain get liquidity

Transper increases profitability by removing supply chain costs using provenance and disintermediation for banks, large corporate buyers and suppliers. With Transper it’s a win-win situation where every stakeholder gets a substantial benefit in a short span of time.
The key stakeholders being impacted are -

Large Corporates

Using Transper, large corporates increase financial efficiencies and liquidity using digital payment obligations. It enables supply chain sustainability through cost control, transparency and risk minimization. Transper helps companies in a smooth flow of capital through their supply chain which in turn increases profitability by reducing supply chain costs. Large corporates can leverage these benefits in project financing, supply chain financing, and deep tier financing.


Using Transper, banks increase disbursements and profits at the credit risk of a large corporate while catering to deep supply chains. Transper provides banks with accurate information, single click financing and a large customer base. Transper provides clear visibility and auditability of the information, reducing the risk of fraud. Transper is applicable in multiple financing scenarios like project financing, supply chain financing and deep tier financing.


Using Transper, suppliers in the deep supply chain get low cost assured financing at the click of a button. Transper also provides no cost additional liquidity using transferable payment obligations which can be used for netting supplier’s account payables at no cost. There are no hidden costs, lock-in periods and complete flexibility. It is a frictionless, flexible, and scalable solution.